Emotions creating Motions

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

What is one way that you express your emotions?

For example, when your stressed are you someone who would go out for a run, count to 10, scribble your frustrations out on scrap paper or do you have a super unique way? (It could help someone else out if they are stuck for ideas).

As someone who is on the autistic spectrum, expressing my feelings at times can be like solving the worlds hardest maths question.

I find it challenging in many aspects, such as understanding what I am feeling, what the most appropriate way to express that would be, or simply just allowing this emotion to flow. My responses can also come out unintentionally blunt, which, for me, is most likely due to my environment being overwhelming, slowly processing information, along with social anxiety where I’m internally panicking and not being able to concentrate on how I am coming across or what I am saying.

A lot of ignorant people believe myths such as “Autistic people are robots”, “They have no feelings” and “how would they know what that feels like”.

I am sure most of you are aware of a character named Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory, who is most definitely on the spectrum.

The way he expresses his emotions comes across as harsh and blunt, however this is what being on the spectrum can come across.

Of Course, anyone who does this means NO HARM, and does not intend for it to come across this way.

Everyone with Autism experiences the challenges of being on the spectrum differently.

By using the techniques in my paintings, that I experiment with and develop, along with the distraction of letting my creativity flow with my unique style, I can express my feelings more efficiently.

For example, by flicking paint quite harshly, I can let out any strong emotions, (both positive and Negative), enabling me to be able to calm myself. Watching paint trickle down after spraying it with water, helps to soothe me or distract me when I need it.

I also use colour to enable the viewer of my work to feel particular emotions, to help others understand my challenges.

The painting shown is called ‘Our Earth’

Created by flicking and splattering Acrylic paint (A DEFINITE Destress)

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