To me ‘Jelly Fish’ is about feeling content and happy with my surroundings as I imagine this is what Jelly fish might feel like in their natural habitat. Like all my work I started with no plan, but started by using Acrylic on A5 Paper and used a new technique with a fan brush to make the shape of the Jelly Fish, then scraped down with a fork whilst the paint was still wet. Of course, I could not leave it there, I just had to use one of my all-time favourite techniques of flicking watered down Acrylic with a toothbrush. In every piece I make, I love to experiment and try new techniques to help grow my skills and knowledge and to keep things interesting. ‘Jelly Fish’ is one of my favourite pieces and was immensely popular on social media and with my friends and family. I hope you love it as much as we do!


U.Millie_Art paintings are Vibrant, Stunning, Colourful And Unique, created with a powerful message or story, or simply made from love and passion for the art. With unique and developmental techniques, experimented in a home studio, U.Millie_Art paintings are said to make the viewer feel touched to the soul, whilst being relatable to previous thoughts, feelings and memories.


U.Millie_Art Prints come in various sizes from A4 to A0.


A4 Prints are printed and packaged in a home Studio by U.Millie_Art, on Canon Pro Platinum Photo paper (300 g/m2). The Pro Platinum paper gives an ultimate high gloss finish, high brightness, and optical density thanks to its 6-layer construction, ensuring stunning quality and definition to the print. My A4 prints are the perfect gift to ones you treasure the most.


U.Millie_Art A2, A1 and A0 prints are created with a 3rd party printing company on 190 gsm satin finish photo paper, providing the properties similar of both a gloss and a matte finish. A slight gorgeous shine and soft look of the edges, giving a vibe like no other. The Larger sizes are perfect for those looking to enrich and spice up the comfort of their home, with stunning definition, colour and style.


Note: Frame not included

Jelly Fish

  • Canon recommends handling the paper by its edges and avoid touching the print surface. Dirt and Scratches can impair print quality. Avoid bending the paper, scratching it, or getting fingerprints on the print surface. Store your print in albums, clear photo sleeves or glass frames to protect them from direct exposure to air. Leaving your print in direct sunlight, locations exposed to high temperatures and humidity will overtime damage your print.

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